Tehran Carpet Exhibition; A Show of Culture, Art and Trade

A top Iranian carpet official has, in an interview with IFP News, discussed a range of issues including the ongoing carpet fair in Tehran and the features that distinguish the Iranian handmade carpets from those produced in other countries. Iran, the world’s top country in handmade carpet trade, annually exports 65% of its carpets to more than 80 countries. The Islamic Republic is the world’s largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets, producing three quarters of the world’s total output. However, Iranian carpets have recently come under fierce competition from other countries producing fakes of the original Persian designs as well as genuine cheaper substitutes. From August 23 to 29, Tehran played host to the 26th Iran Handmade Carpet Exhibition – the biggest of its kind worldwide – gathering over 700 companies and dozens of carpet traders from around the world. On the sidelines of the event, Iran Front Page conducted an exclusive interview with Hamid Karg