Germans Believe in Persian Carpet

Persian handmade carpet is an irreplaceable brand. This is according to Frantz ten Eikelder, member of Handmade Carpet Evaluation and Pricing Board in Europe, who highlighted the strong unquestionable background of Persian carpet in European and German markets, adding: \"During the recent years of recession, those interested in Persian handmade carpet were impatiently waiting for its return to the market and we are hopeful that Iran\'s government can pave the way for the revival of Persian carpet in the near future.\" Speaking with head of INCC at the 24th Persian Handmade Exhibition in Tehran, Eikelder praised Persian handmade carpet as a popular symbol among German people who would like to purchase carpets labeled with this remarkable brand. He also referred to the changing tastes of the Germans especially among the new generation, adding that Persian carpets are so wide in type and variety that can satisfy the demands of all German families. \"We are planning to participate in I

Shanghai Invites Persian Carpet

Shanghai Invites Persian Carpet Managing director of Shanghai State Exhibition called for the permanent presence of Persian handmade carpet in Chinese Exhibition of Top Brands. Speaking with Hamid Kargar, head of INCC, at the 24th Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition in Tehran, Fan Weiming invited Iran to participate in Shanghai Expo to showcase its handmade carpets. Referring to the Expo which is planned to be held in November, he said: \"Persian handmade carpet activists can hold both short-term and permanent expos but we can devote a permanent pavilion to Persian carpet so that Iranian dealers can have a remarkable presence at the event.\" Calling all the carpets of the exhibition beautiful, Weiming asserted that they would all be sold out in China. Head of INCC for his part explained about Persian handmade carpet in more detail and asked about the conditions for participating in Shanghai Exhibition, adding that the final decision would be made after hearing the proposals and eva

Cooperation to Revive Carpet Market in Germany

Cooperation to Revive Carpet Market in Germany A joint cooperation between the government and the private sector can revive the market of Persian handmade carpet in Europe especially in Germany. This is according to Ali Zohouri, head of the Iranian embassy in Hamburg, who also said that the cooperation of academic figures to reach a scientific approach as well as an appropriate carpet database can be extremely influential to extend the market of Persian carpet. Speaking with the head of INCC, Zohouri stated: \"Registering Persian carpet as a bio-organic product can highly influence the European audience,\" stressing on the importance of having an ID for a successful and consistent presentation of Persian carpet. Head of INCC for his part referred to the center\'s supporting interdisciplinary approaches and student dissertations that study carpets from different perspectives, adding: \"Attempts are underway to advertise Persian carpet in the virtual space through short films and tra

Persian Carpet Coming Next

In a meeting between the chief editor of Hali International Journal and head of INCC, Ibn Uns expressed readiness for paying further attention to Persian rug. Referring to Iranians\' success in achieving Domotex prizes, he said: \"The success reveals that despite the imposed sanctions against Iran, it is now time for Persian carpet market to prosper more than before.\" He also pointed to his trip to Iran in the near future to prepare grounds for the journey of a group of carpet collectors and researchers to Iran, calling for INCC\'s cooperation which was well-received by the head of the center. Hamid Kargar referred to the necessary coordination with Cultural Heritage Organization and Iran Carpet Museum over the researchers\' trip to Iran, calling for a publication of a special issue of Hali featuring Persian handmade carpet. Other proposed plans to foster further advertisements for Persian carpet overseas include organizing a research-cultural tour for Persian carpet in the next s